Everyone's a guru!

Allan Curry acurry at UVIC.CA
Wed Oct 29 15:09:35 CST 1997


Greg writes:

>There are lots of Western teachers travelling, giving talks in what is
>essentially a very watered-down form of Advaita Vedanta.  Basically, they
>teach the main ideas ("You are infinite consciousness, so be your true
>Self") with no texts, scriptures or religious context.  [...]

>Just this last 3 months in fact, New York City has had 8 or 9 of these
>teachers visiting.  Never happened before.  And the teachers claim that
>people are waking up, becoming enlightened around them.

    Yes, there certainly are "lots of Western teachers"
    and they certainly do claim or directly imply they
    *are* enlightened and *are* qualified to answer questions
    about Advaita Vedanta from a position of authority, etc.
    (but *not* on Advaita-L, I guess!)

    I get the impression it doesn't matter to many of you
    whether or not such people are mistaken. I find that
    hard to fathom but what the heck, I'll just drop it.


- Allan Curry

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