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On Fri, 3 Oct 1997, Ram Chandran wrote:

> Vedas are beyond human intelligence and let me explain you why?
>         First, Vedas are beyond human comprehension.  This is logically correct
> because we Hindus believe that Vedas are the revelations of God.  Until
> we gain Divinity in our heart, we can't comprehend.

This deserves further comment.  One question asked in the Mimamsa shastra
is "Do we understand the words of the Vedas in their plain Sanskrit
meaning or do they have some special, mystical meaning?"  Maharshi Jaimini
answers: in the plain meaning.  This means that the Vedas are well within
human comprehension.  What we have to take on faith is that the Vedas are
an authority.  What it is telling us is something we must investigate to
the best of our ability.

> The same
> is TRUE with the Vedas!  Hindus understand Vedas by living and not by
> reading texts or looking into Dictionary!

What one does is more important than what one believes but how to act is
also something that has its source in texts, namely Shruti and Smrti.
These may not always (or even usually) be written down but they are texts

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