The Riddle of Fate and Free-Will

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>At 09:27 AM 9/29/97 -0400, sadananda wrote:
>>Sri Lakshmidhara kavi says in Advaita Makaranda:
>>"mayeevodoti chidvyomni jagat gandharva pattanam"
>>In me, the space of consciousness, raises the world of illusion - (since I
>>am conscious of it).
>>Both free will or lack of it are the notions in the mind.
>>But the fact is
>>"akartaaham abhoktaaham ahamevaayamavyayaH"
>>I am neither doer nor enjoyer, I alone am, inexhaustible or infinite.

Sorry, the second quote is the from Shakara's Brahmaavali - meditation

>>But for a sadhak, who has the notion that the bondage is real, and he needs
>>to get liberated, fate and free will are as real as ones bondage and
>>liberation as two sides of the coin, and sadhana has a role to play as free
>>will. This includes the notion that sanyasa is essential for liberation!.

The above sentences are verbatim of my own understanding from advaita
books.  Sorry if it projects as quote from an authoritative book.

>These are beautiful quotes, pertinent, ring true for me, and actually serve
>to end discussion in my mind on the issue.  Mind responds with "what
>more can be said??"
>Is Advaita Makaranda a text I can find somewhere??
>Thanks,  Greg

Advaita Makaranda is by Sri Lakshmidhara Kavi who hails from Orissa and of
17th century and very little is known about him.

The text of 17 or 18 slokas is highly contemplative, logical and
intellectually stimulating.  Those who are looking for logical answers
should read this text.

Swami Tejomayananda, the current head of Chinmaya Mission, has written word
by word meaning and English commentary  on it and the book can be obtained
from the Chinmaya Publications west.

Lakshmidhara kavi has written another book and Swamiji is still searching
for a copy of it.  If any one finds it let us know its whereabouts.

Hari Om!

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