Raju100 at AOL.COM Raju100 at AOL.COM
Tue Oct 28 07:39:34 CST 1997

Dear Ravisha B K
Thankyou so much for writing such a nice response. I totally agree with you ,
We are very fortunate to be in such a list to be able to here such a great
SatSanga. I am very greatfull to all of you . I feel very blessed. It really
helps me. It makes me feel I am in the Lotus Feet of  reverred great Guru of
Sankara & Basista. I am always looking to read my e-mail for Adwait l.
I hope one of these days I will weakup in my true self. If not I will pray to
my Lord Ram , That I come back , to listen your conversation/Sat Sanga.
Jaye Guru Deva , Jaye Guru Deva. Namaste.

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