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Dear Miguel Angel Carrasco,

  The concept of Mental object is very very true. We associate ourselves
with various mental objects in every sphere and walk of life.

** But GOD as a mental object is totally wrong **.

 Most of the mental objects we associate are transient with no effect or
 in certain circumstances have negative impact leading to degradation and
 mental malady.

 But the concept of GOD is very very Great. IT improves tremendously our
way of life by every moment. IT makes us feel and concern for our fellow
beings. IT makes us serve our nation. IT makes us serve our Parents. To
say,more precisely, IT makes us an exemplar of good life and conduct. IT
makes us grow more and more progressively without any stop. IT spreads
the air of LOVE and FRIENDSHIP for all by breaking all the barriers.

*Do U think such a thing is possible by a mere  *MENTAL OBJECT* ?

Coming to the point of Philosophy, Philosophy acts as a GUIDE and comes
to our *RESCUE* in understanding our *REAL NATURE*.

I wish to ask U one heart touching Question about the very fact that U
have come out by such conclusion that there is only one the ABSOLUTE and
that others are mere mental objects.

Was it possible for U to come out with such Question and conclusion
without proper retrospection ?

Even in a religious country like India where hundreds of Philosophers and
Great Avatars exist even to this day, U go and ask a common man, a fruit
vendor, a road sider, a street  hawker about this. He will definitely say
that he has no idea about all these. For that matter after reading this
mail, Why don't U talk to a few people around U ?

**Would U explain me how such a thought pondered Ur mind ? Because I have
implied that U have already experiencing some Philosophy.

I wish to explain further about Philosophy by citing my ow2n experience.

Have U heard of the Great Hindu Monk of India *SRI SWAMI VIVEKANANDA* ?

Dear Swamiji quotes,


Mr.Miguel Carrasco I bring to Ur notice that the whole concept of ADVAITA
PHILOSOPHY is hidden in this one line. But throughout my student life the
way I comprehended this statement was totally different. As a student I
used this slogan of PUJYA SWAMIJI just to see that I work very hard so
that my Goal of standing first in the examinations would be fullfiled.Also
there are 90 crores of people in INDIA , I bet of which even 5% do not
know the Great meaning this line is conveying.

Why ? We are all ignorant. We do not have the power to see the things
with proper vision. That is where the role of Philosophy and Good Guru

What is so special about this one line ? It is spreading the Great
thought of the ADVAITA PHILOSOPHY i.e every individual's *GOAL* to be
that of identifying himself i.e. the SOUL with the INFINITE. DEAR SWAMIJI
asks each individual to relentlessly work towards that objective.

It is very unfortunate that poor Indians have failed to understand it.

This very concept has awakened me and has created new dimensions in my

I also read the response by Mr. RAMA CHANDRA  Quoting Mr.

Dear Miguel Carrasco let me say it is certainly true that ultimately it
is the individualthinking and action that matters but definitely right
action is not possible without the aid of Philosophy and Proper Guru.
Because we are ignorant and have masked our true nature. There must be
someone who makes us aware about all this. Also as U have seen by my own
example People wii definitely be misled and set petty *GOALS* in life.
For that matter, why Great Philosophers like Mr. J.KRISHNAMURTHY are
doing good lot of work by way of writings and teachings ? They can sit at
ease with folded hands . Isn't that so ?

Mr. Miguel we should be very thankful and grateful to the GREAT ALMIGHTY
that HE has given an opportunity to be on such a forum (ADVAITA LIST) and
already we possess some elementary knowledge and have started our
spiritual journey. There are many of our unfortunate brothers and sisters
who do not have even the slightest knowledge about these aspects. All
these  ofcourse do not require any expertise or scholarship in
Philosophy but requires the language of the heart.

I suggest Mr. Miguel U retrospect more and U yourself will come out with
better solutions.


Jai Sri Sankara

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