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Sat Oct 25 20:33:45 CDT 1997

Miguel Angel Carrasco wrote:
> Allow me to state a position I am slowly but relentlessly approaching:
> ^ÓThere is only the One, the Absolute.
> ^ÓThere is nothing else at all.
> ^ÓThere is no (1: see note) body, no soul, no ego, no world.
> ^ÓThere is no Vedas, no Sankara, no Ramana, no Nisargadatta.
> ^ÓThere is no maja, no creation, no illusion, no dis-illusioning.
> ^ÓThere is no karma, no re-incarnation, no liberation.
> ^ÓThere is no Shiva, no Krishna, no gods.
> ^ÓThere is no Advaita, no religion, no philosophy.
> ^ÓThere is no me, no you, no we.
> ^ÓThere is no two, no three, no four, just the One.
> ^ÓAnd I^Òm this One, and nothing else.
> End of expositon ot the position.
> When I^Òm in this position I don^Òt understand
>           any of the discussions about anything.
> But I feel extremely at rest.
> Am I oversimplifying? Please comment.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> (1) When I say ^Óthere is no X^Ô, I mean:
> ^ÓX is not real, it^Òs only a mental object in the One^Òs consciousness^Ô
> "Being thus unreal, why bother at all about it?"

hariH OM!

Please forgive my delayed response.

Concur except for the idea--within the purport of your expose'--of 'the One.'
Such assertion implies automatically the [existence of the contrast] of
'the Many,' which is counterproductive within this strategy, that clearly
seeks to destroy or diffuse conceptual/axiomatic dependency.  Although it's
a relatively logical metaphysical idea, it proves to be a sticking point
because the mind will invariably focus on and embrace it, providing a
convenient haven for the ego to therein sustain itself. "neti, neti" must
be ruthlessly applied across the mental board of magnetic glamour if we
ever hope to finally break the aons-forged habit of categorical judgments!

Consider that you're in fact on solid ground when you "...don't understand
any of the discussions about anything."  Understanding--as well as so-called
'Self-realization'--is born and dies; it's what lies antecedent to it, within
it, and yet beyond it that's the ground of spirit, that thrives and breathes
and has its Being in the core of every atom or thought in the universe.

The finite is infinite in every instant.  This and not-this, both and neither.

OM shaantiH.  Namaskaar.


"There are no answers
there are no questions."

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