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On Thu, 23 Oct 1997, Ram Chandran wrote:

[excerpts from J Krishnamurthy's lectures:
> divide man from man.  His perception of life is shaped by the concepts
> already established in his mind.  The content of his consciousness is
> his entire existence.  This content is common to all humanity.  The
> individuality is the name, the form and superficial culture he acquires
> from tradition and environment.  The uniqueness of man does not lie in
> the superficial but in complete freedom from the content of his
> consciousness, which is common to all mankind.  So he is not an
> individual.
> Freedom is not a reaction; freedom is not a choice.  It is man's
> pretense that because he has choice he is free.  Freedom is pure
> observation without direction, without fear of punishment and reward.
> Freedom is without motive; freedom is not at the end of the evolution of
> man but lies in the first step of his existence.  In observation one
> begins to discover the lack of freedom.  Freedom is found in the
> choice-less awareness of our daily existence and activity.  Thought is
> time.  Thought is born of experience and knowledge which are inseparable
> from time and the past.  Time is the psychological enemy of man.  Our
> actions are based on knowledge and therefore time, so man is always a
> slave to the past.  Thought is ever-limited and so we live in constant
> conflict and struggle.  There is no psychological evolution.
> When man becomes aware of the movement of his own thoughts, he will see
> the division between the thinker and thought, the observer and the
> observed, the experiencer and the experience.  He will discover that
> this division is an illusion.  Then only is there pure observation which
> is insight without any shadow of the past or of time.  This timeless
> insight brings about a deep radical mutation in the mind....
>                                     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

        Can somebody take the trouble of defining this mind that JK is
referring to?  Is there an "individual mind" which can be "mutated"?


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