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 This is an important point.  The repeated return of the ego
 or sense of individuality is not cause to whip or berate
 one's self.  It, like many other things, is something that
 happens spontaneously in phenomenality.  To react to the
 arising of the ego by saying "my sadhana is not working"
 or some other judgment just encourages the ego and makes
 it that much more stubborn.


Very true in my experience, Greg.  A core obstacle in understanding  appears
to be a confusion between two arising impulses. One is the arising impulse of
a self in search of an experience of  unicity or in search of no-self or in
search oi the Self. The other arising  impulse is a shifting or a movement
out of localization of awareness. And this non-localized awareness searches
not but abides and resides without an address, as a hum of attention from the
oceanic constant. capable of  using the senses with significant individuation
but not craving to do so,  capable of dynamic action, but not inclined to any
action except that action which arises spontaneously.
to the moment. It has no stake in experiece therefore the search for
experience ceases and when it arises it is quite naturally reabsorbed into
the oceanic constant.

driven by the egoic impulse to acquire.

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