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Greg Goode writes:

> If the ego is Greg or sadananda, then in the
>previous life, the ego was someone else.  If the ego is not Greg or sadananda,
>then Greg or sadananda is some kind of entity that identifies with the
>ego.  And who would that be?
>>Death of ego occurs only ones and that is when it is completely

As I understand:

Looks like there is some miscommunication because of semantics.

Since the statement that death of ego occurs only when complete
surrenderence occurs is agreeable to you, we can start from that. The
statement implies that physical death is not the death of the ego. Hence it
follows that in my last life it was the same ego.  Now what is the ego - It
is the concept in the subtle body and it is not just the identification of
the upaadies - or shareeras - Shareeraas can  be changing, but the same ego
identifying with the changing shareers. Look at in this life it self.  My
body changed, my mind changed, heaven knows how many times I changed my
mind, and my intellect continuously changed.  Still I have the notion that
it is the same me, who is the owner of these changing equipments. The
conclusion I can draw is even if have different body or bodies it is the
same ego - it is the same as jeeva or conditioned consciousness,
consciousness who have notion that it is conditioned in the upadies.

>So who is sadananda or Greg, it is a thought in the subtle body that claim
>with >all its bundles of vasana bank.  The soul that transmigrates is the
>ego that >owns up the subtle body with kaarana shareera. It is thought
>pattern in the >subtle body itslef.

>Again, "whose" own?
>>Logic is perfect and self-consistent whether one agrees with it  are not.
>I agee with this too, but what you have said above about the shareeras
>is not logic, but scripture.

I donot think I made that comment, but if I have done then I am wrong. It
is both logic, experience and scriptural support which I tried to emphasize
all the three all the time. Madukya with karika is highly logical
scriptural text and anlyzes the individual experience of waking, dream and
deep sleep states in terms of the shareeras.

> Logic (deductive) is only a way of
>guaranteeing sound arguments, that is, true conclusions when you begin
>with true premises.  You know, as in syllogisms, etc.

Logic is important but we need to recognize that truth is beyond the logic
since logic is in the realm of intellect.  Remember my existence is beyond
logic - I donot need logic to prove my existence.  Logic is validated by me
because I exist.

>>There is story to illustrate the point.  Two close friends used to go out
>>every day up to a point and depart to pursue their respective interests;
>>one to a brothel place and the other to a temple for meditation.  They both
>>died on at the same time.  Angles came to take the soul of the person who
>>was going to brothel while the agents of hell came to take the soul of the
>>person going to the temple.
>I have a problem understanding this because of the notion of "soul."
>Would that be the subtle body, or Brahman Itself?

Brahman identified with subtle body is the soul - the individual - the
jeeva or jeevaatma - also called conditioned consciousness.  Currently it
is the small i the ego, when realized it becomes the big ego, I. - bigness
or the infiniteness  is the Brahman -

Well this may be my last mail for this week - will be out of town for a
week or two.

Hari Om! everybody!


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