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>Where is Swami Chinyayanandaji located?

He has reached mahaasamadhi in August 1993.

>Here comes some unorthodox argumentation.  This Christian answer you
>pointed to above is no worse than the answer given by reincarnation.
>The vasanas and sanchita karma we inherit at birth are not from our
>own previous life.

This is not how vedanta explains.  At the time of the death, the individual
i - which consists of identification with the subtle and causal bodies -
departs leaving the gross body there.  The death of an individual or the
person is the separation of the gross body from the rest of the body.  The
accountability is the individual - the ego - he is not eliminated by death.
Death of ego occurs only ones and that is when it is completely
surrendered. The transmigration of the soul involves the vasanas with the
subtle body.  That is how the re-incarnation is explained not by some other
persons sins one is taking.  It is his own but his is identifiable with
subtle and kaarana shareeras only.  Logic is perfect and self-consistent
whether one agrees with it  are not  .

There is story to illustrate the point.  Two close friends used to go out
every day up to a point and depart to pursue their respective interests;
one to a brothel place and the other to a temple for meditation.  They both
died on at the same time.  Angles came to take the soul of the person who
was going to brothel while the agents of hell came to take the soul of the
person going to the temple.  Both friends said there is some mix in the
accounts.  The brothel fellow said, I am not worthy of heaven while the
temple fellow said he deserve heaven rather hell.  But the angels and the
agents from hell were firm.  The angels responded, the brothel fellow
although going to brothel, was very concerned about his habit. Hence
although he was physically there, he was contemplating on how his noble
fried is involved in meditation, and himself trying to reach that state
although in the wrong environment.  On the other hand, the temple fellow,
instead of involving meditation on the higher, was meditating on the lower
- enjoying mentally what his friend at brothel enjoying.  Since the
karthutvabhaava is the notion in the subtle body, it is accountable for the
action.  The two friends then saw how their dead bodies are being treated
down on the earth.  The body of the temple fellow is being taken with all
decoration and flowers since people in the village know that person is a
noble and pious man.  The body of the brothel fellow is thrown to the
trash, since they considered him as unworthy for any respect.  Hence the
computer accounts are exact.  You reap your karma not somebody's karma.

As Swami Chinmayanandaji said: you are punished by the sin and not for the sin.
I hope my explanation is clear.

Hari Om!

  They are from another person's life, one of our
>predecessors.  Therefore, we are "paying for" or experiencing the
>result of another person's sins.  Just like another person in the
>future will pay for our sins.  Helps you see humanity as one.

I hope I have explained that karthutwa bhava and bhoktutwa bhava belong to
the individual I, which is a ego - a thought - part of the subtle body. It
does not die.  Krishna explains this in the 15th chapter.

Hari OM!

>Even if it WERE the same person's previous life, the person is so
>unknown to us that it still comes to the same thing.  To be told that
>it's your previous life, that your own actions in that life are what
>now cause you to receive (e.g.) torture, abuse and suffering in this
>life -- this adds insult to injury.

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