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Fri Oct 10 07:39:24 CDT 1997

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<< I am considering purchasing some or all of the six volume "Samkara Source
 Book" published by Shanti Sadan. I was wondering if any of you had opinions
 about the quality of this work? Is it a good or bad representation of
 Sankara's thought?

 Copies I've seen recently had the unmistakable smell of mildew (which might
 definitely exclude them from my library!). Were these copies an unfortunate
 exception or more like the rule for Shanti Sadan publications?

I've owned Alston's SOurce Books for a number of years without any
appreciable fungus problem although I've had to gather separated pages with a
rubber band due to inadequate glue binding. If there's a hard cover edition
available, it's worth the extra money.

I'm not a great scholar but once you get the feel of ALston's indexing
lexicon they're a great reference tool and study guide.

A parallel note is to recommend Rambachan's Accomplish

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