Thinking Process

Charles Wikner WIKNER at NACDH4.NAC.AC.ZA
Thu Oct 9 03:48:34 CDT 1997

Greetings Ram,

[ explanation of thought process snipped ]

> I am more comfortable to declare thoughts as just THOUGHTS without
> explanations.  When I attempt to explain, I am able to recognize my
> stupidity! Finally, I recognize that any logical explanation of my
> thought-process is my own creation. It is an illusion coming from my
> ignorance.

Yes indeed, the search for the source of ignorance (or explanation of it)
is futile.  You have examined the thought process and realised the
circularity of thinking about thought, and then, quite intelligently,
abandoned the exercise.  My post was primarily aimed at the Western
theorists on the list who know nothing of saadhana catu.s.taya: my
examples were basic illustrations of the first step of putting the
theory into practice, of turning the mind inwards (see Katha Up. 2.1.1).
To expect that the decision to step from "subhecchaa to
can be made without the support of systematic spiritual discipline,
is a vain hope.  It's all vanity in the end -- I should just shut up!


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