Thinking process

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sadananda <sada at ANVIL.NRL.NAVY.MIL> wrote:

[ excellent article snipped ]

Many thanks for sharing your excellent article on the thinking process:
it is one of those rare gems that make connection to the web worthwhile.
You have gathered all the relevant information and presented it clearly.
I salute you!

> This is  what is emphasized by Bhagavan Ramana in the Upadesha Saara sloka:
>       dRisyavaaritam chittamaatmanaH
>       chitta darshanam tatva darshaNam
> If one observes the mind discarding the names and forms and the subjective
> aspect  of the objective thoughts, what remains is the vision of the
> essence of the mind which is the vision of the truth.

This strikes a chord. When reflecting on a "sruti passage, it sometimes
stops -- the "sruti is there, whole, complete, but no longer serial
(apologies, I'm struggling to express this).  Then the attention widens
as it were, and the "sruti fades into a boundless light wherein there is
no object, no measure, no means of determing its brightness or duration
or size or anything, just light.  This was rather disconcerting at first:
afterwards I mean, when the mind tried to think about it and analyse it.
Habit dies hard!

I have not read Ramana at all, and did not know that he had written in
Sanskrit.  Does the Upadesha Saara continue on this level?  Is there an
international supplier?  My primary source, DK Agencies, doesn't list it.


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