The non-reality of nothingness

Jonathan Bricklin brickmar at EARTHCOM.NET
Thu Nov 20 13:26:03 CST 1997

Greg Goode writes:

>...[Y]ou say...consciousness might be
continuous, and consciousness of the self intermittent, correct?


 >If so,
>then what is it you mean by consciousness?  The waking consciousness?  The
>dreaming consciousness?
>Or are you referring to what is common between

Between them and everything else.  This is standard Advaitn stuff is it

"Tat tvam asi means the affirmation of a common ground, viz.,
consciousness, to the individual and Brahman.  The identity is obtained by
stripping away the incompatible or contradictory elements of the "that" and
"thou" and thereby arriving at their common elements or basis."  (Eliot
Deutsch, _Advaita Vedanta_, p. 49)

Nisgardatta's attempts to chart a territory beyond this common ground are,
in my estimation, wanting.



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