The story of my experiments with truth

Ram Chandran chandran at
Sat Nov 15 21:08:11 CST 1997

Thanks for your profound and thoughtful reply. I believe that it is a
good time to stop my part of this seires of intellectual analysis of
"TRUTH." From my side, I admire Gandhiji for choosing the title of his
autobiography as "The story of my experiments with truth." He knows what
he is talking about! I learnt a lot from the title of his autobiography.
It is time for me to contemplate on this subject myself.

Note to the List members: Let me express my sincere apology for sending
more than necessary replies in discussions. This is my weekness and I
seem to assume that I know everything! It is time for me to remove this
illusion. Let me assure you that this is the last such reply. I enjoymed
my partipation in this list and let me thank you all for your kindness
and patience.


Ram Chandran


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