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Sat Nov 15 16:03:28 CST 1997

On Fri, 14 Nov 1997, Dev Thakur wrote:

> I think it is crucial not to take scriptures literally.

A Vedantin is a fundamentalist but not a literalist.  The interpretation
of shastras should be done according to the rules set forth in the Mimamsa

> That is part of the
> root of fanaticism and ignorance

On the contrary I think letting people do whatever pleases them with utter
disregard to logic or good sense is the root of fanaticism and ignorance.

> and I personally believe that we should
> examine scriptures, with or without external help, and reject that which is
> harmful to us.

Well Gandhijis philosophy was harmful.  He and his followers were
repeatedly beaten and arrested.  Should he not have engaged in such
harmful activities?  Any such subjective interpretation is an invitaton to
narcissism and therefore unacceptable.

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