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Fri Nov 7 08:44:45 CST 1997

Allan Curry wrote:
> Namaskar
> Prashant writes:
> >This certainty "burns" away all the doubts that one has.  Also it cannot
> >be conveyed since it is not an idea. This certainty cannot even tell you
> >that there is a "self" or an "atman" or any such abstraction. Its
> >my personal feeling that such abstractions are expressions of doubt and
> >therefore pervade the world of the "unrealized".
>     This reminds me of Zen being able to dispense with Zen
>     and still be Zen precisely for that reason. What you say
>     about "this certainty" being unable to tell you there is
>     a self or atman really appeals to me because I am
>     absolutely certain of X but absolutely uncertain as to
>     what X is. If there is no need to complete the equation
>     X = ? then I'm done. I am X without the slightest shadow
>     of a doubt. Is that all there is to it?


Any and all talk about upadhis is baseless.  "That which is born
and later will die, even now doesn't exist." --an upanishad.  Does the
toothache you had in 1979 mean anything today?  If you say it's still
a memory, then what of the toothache you had in your last incarnation?
As Sri Nisargadatta says, "Whatever you can forget is not the truth."
That's why, if upadhis can be dissolved [or forgotton], how real can
they be?  The same with ego, with its attending Mind full of judgments.
Is it live or is it Memorex?  And if it's Memorex, it can be forgotton.
The primal investigation (atmavichara) yields the intrinsic emptiness
of all these concepts.  And that's all they are...concepts!

Jnana is our true nature.  Does anyone suppose it has to be upheld
moment to moment by some series of sublime thoughts or revelations?
No!  It's our natural state!  There's nothing we need that we don't
already have.  Quite the contrary, there's something we have that we
don't really need!

When judgments (thoughts) go, so do all questions (doubts), and the
Self is seen to have been there all along...

OM.  Namaste.


"There are no answers
there are no questions."


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