Dear Sri Egodust

Allan Curry acurry at UVIC.CA
Wed Nov 5 12:13:47 CST 1997


egodust writes:

>Now, is the author the atman or not?  Who's asking?

A jiva called Allan is asking of course. Was there some
kind of significance to your question? If you press and
ask what is this jiva called Allan I will say, "I don't
know" but what would that prove?  What I can't do is go
on to say what the atman can and cannot say about all
the egos in the world and their relationship to atman
as you did. I'm wondering what makes you think you can.

>As the disclaimer states, it is left up to the reader to determine
>the truth or falshood of the statements made.

I didn't ask you whether your statements were true or false and
you did not answer the questions I did ask which were (to the effect)...

>>    What would you say about the "indeterminate source or
>>    ground" of your own information? Would you say it is the
>>    atman or would you say you don't know whether it is or
>>    is not the atman? If you don't know what is and is not
>>    the atman, how do you know what the atman can and cannot
>>    say about other egos and their relationship to the atman?

This is not your website, you needn't quote it's disclaimer again.
If you just don't want to answer fairly simple straight forward
questions, you don't have to.


- Allan Curry

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