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Wed Nov 5 09:37:19 CST 1997

Allan Curry wrote:
> Namaskar
> Sri egodust writes:
> >Upon the application of self-enquiry in regards to this matter--in
> >my estimation--reveals that the source or ground of this information
> >is indeterminate and untraceable to any knowable entity, egoic, atmanic
> >or otherwise.
> >
>     What would the author of the above say about this
>     indeterminate source or ground of their own information?
>     Would the author of the above say it is the atman or
>     would the author of the above say they don't know
>     whether it is or is not the atman? If the author
>     does not know what is and is not the atman, how does
>     the author know what the atman can and cannot say about
>     other egos and their relationship to the atman?

As the disclaimer states, it is left up to the reader to determine
the truth or falshood of the statements made.

Now, is the author the atman or not?  Who's asking?

Any person making the claim, as well as the claim itself,
'I am a jnani,' are respectively a moron and an oxymoron.
(sorry, I couldn't resist that one!)

It's funny but it's true.  And yet, strangely enough, the obverse,
'I am an ajnani,' is equally absurd because it postulates the
existence of something that can have no real existence.

This is why there can be no conceptual answer to the atmavichara.

OM shaanthi.  Namaste.


"There are no answers
there are no questions."

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