Time Bound

Martin Gifford marting at NSWCC.ORG.AU
Mon Jun 30 02:53:11 CDT 1997

At 09:54 PM 27/06/97 -0400, you wrote:
>                                               Srim
>Thank you Pannir I just read the article you suggested.  It is very
>interesting and informative.  Suggest everybody read it.
>My belief that Time-Bound Acts in Spirituality are futile is reinforced.  Its
>Here and Now like my friend Sada said.   How? every one has their own
>Shubaham                                                    Nageswar

I would add that it takes quite a while for a person to realise that the
ultimate reality is here and now. The habit of thinking in terms of time has
a momentum of it's own. Does it require time for the momentum of time to
come to an end?


Martin Gifford

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