Time Bound

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First let me make a correction in the statement.  I should have said "Act"
instead of "Pursuit".  Sri G.S.Murty is right when he said, We are not in
pursuit of anything.  Obviously the word pursuit has different meanings to
different people.  Now I like to respond to some comments by Sri G.S.Murty.

> One can lead a life of mental renunciation right in the middle of the city
with all the socalled family responsibilities.

If this statement is made from personal experience, I feel so glad and
fortunate to be in the company of a person like you who can be be spiritual
all 24 hours.

>While doing work, or while commuting, or while relaxing spiritual life need
not be abandoned.......thinking about Paramatma while commuting, meditating
on Sri Lalita while working......

Permit me to post about a incident that happened back in sixties when I used
to drive long ways to get to my place of work.  I used to play a cassette
"GITA" rendered by a well known singer, just to relax a little while driving.
  One day while listening to Gita, my mind began to concentrate and
appreciate the meaning of the verse "Patram, Pushpam, Phalam, Toyam...tears
started rolling down, I started loosing conciousness.  How kind and merciful
is Lord Krishna when he said that he will accept even a drop of water offered
with Bhakti.  That kind of kindness I have not seen in this world.  It struck
the core of my very being. At that point in time I was 100% involved with
Lord Krishna's kindness and love and I forgot that I am driving.  I came home
alive only by his grace.  Later I found out that I went thru 2 red lights and
thank God without an accident.  After this incident, first I gaveup long
distance driving and secondly I listen to the useless talk on the Radio only.
 Never again played Bhakti Geetalu (Songs) while driving.

There is a time and place for everything in this world, and whatever we do we
should try to give 100% although it is not possible without the grace of
Bhagavan/Bhagavati. Meditating while driving is not a good practice like
drinking and driving.   That is my belief from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.   Dharmic
life does not mean mixingup things that might lead to disaster.

Meditation should be done with Pure Mind.  To attain the purity, like Sada
said one has to begin somewhere, may be an hour or longer one can afford in
cool surroundings.    Though meditation appears to be Time Bound in the
begining, one will reach a point of Now and Here, when time looses its
meaning and does not exist.  It happens only with sadhana (practice) coupled
with Daiva Krupa (Gods Grace).

Shubham                                    Nageswar

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