Time bound

Allan Curry un824 at FREENET.VICTORIA.BC.CA
Thu Jun 26 10:43:03 CDT 1997


I am feeling time bound at the moment so this must be brief and probably
a bit ill considered, however, it seems to me that a crucial element in
the question is what a person's true interests are. If you really love
something, really want it, you find this yearning pushing aside other
things. We all have genuine love for God (by whatever name) in our
deepest heart, we all have an interest in consciously realizing it and
enjoying the conscious harmony of all the levels of our own being.
Sometimes it happens that a person surrenders for a moment and tastes
the truth of their own deepest longing. This is more addictive (if such
a bad word could be used for it) than any drug. After this taste, you
are happy to give whatever it takes to taste it again. Choices seem easier,
the way opens in response to your own genuine desire. In the abscence of
this true interest, we will probably follow whatever other interests
happen to be around by default, BUT! - not to worry, every one has the
same true heart's desire deeper down. We just have to acknowledge it,
find it, surrender to it...   I don't know how to say that, but I hope
you get an intuition of what I'm trying to say here...

Anyway, someone talked about our path being pre-ordained and someone
else wrote a month ago about Shiva actually also being our vacillating
and seemingly corrupted hearts/minds...  I like that point of view and
am reminded of the following quote which I don't know who wrote:

        "that awful daring of a moment's surrender
         which a lifetime of prudence cannot retract"

May we all be so daring as to surrender to our own heart's deepest desire,
(just for a moment!)  What could happen...  ?!    :-)


        -Allan Curry

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