Unknowability of the self.

Vidyasankar Sundaresan vidya at CCO.CALTECH.EDU
Sat Jun 21 17:27:52 CDT 1997

> There is no other limit than that and in my opinion, we all are that, no
> one more or less.  Transcendence (ie. Turiya state, etc.) is just ordinary
> knowing which is always the case but without an object. When objects
> re-appear, knowing is still present as always. Know what I mean?!
> Does this agree with Sruti or not?

In this connection, read the dialogue between Yajnavalkya and Maitreyi in
the Brhadaranyaka upanishad. Also the Chandogya upanishad dialogue between
Uddalaka Aruni and Svetaketu.

> I assumed he must have therefore doubted it, but maybe he had a different
> reason for seeking such a verification?  It is traditional to do so, I think,

Yes, it is traditional to seek guidance or verification from a guru, and
therefore go in search of one.


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