the permanence of awareness

Allan Curry un824 at FREENET.VICTORIA.BC.CA
Thu Jun 19 23:02:12 CDT 1997

Gummuluru Murthy writes:

>Obviously the joy that was experienced by the brain at one moment
>was replaced by the misery of the world the next moment. In my
>view, what was experienced was not the ontological foundation of
>the universe but simply a brain-function. If it were what you
>call the ontological foundation of the universe (I will use sat-
>chit-ananda for it), it would be permanent and not a function of

Non-dual awareness seems to occur outside of ordinary time so the
concept of permanence (as duration) does not seem appropriate.
I don't continually notice the nose on my face, but I am never
in doubt that it's there and I can prove it to myself whenever I want.
The "view" can be similarily refreshed more or less at will. Whenever
it is inquired into, it is always seen to be so. It seems to always be
accessible so I could see why people might say that it is permanent, but I
do not have uninterrupted certain knowledge that it is every minute of
every 24 hour day -- just sometimes in the sleep state for instance.

At no time is it clear that awareness is not caused by the brain.
Sometimes the body and world do not appear in awareness, that's all.
Who could say whether there was anything underneath that awareness
or not? From the point of view of that awareness there does not appear
to be or to have ever been any other of any kind, but appearances can
be deceptive can't they?

>> When Sankara was asked how he knew he was Brahman he replied,
>> "because my guru said I was". How lucky he was to have recourse to such
>> a simple ending of doubt!
>I do not know this historical statement. I would be grateful for
>reference to this statement.

Sorry, I'm getting old and my memory is failing :-)

I don't know where I read that.

best to all,

-Allan Curry

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