Shankara on jiva and Brahman (was Re: Unreality of the world..)

Cameron Reilly cjreilly at OZEMAIL.COM.AU
Thu Jun 19 19:50:13 CDT 1997

Allan Curry wrote:

Cameron asks:
>My question to you would be: who is it who experienced this "state"?

There seems to be only awareness in that state, there seems to be no one
having that awareness and no object of that awareness. Why do you ask?

Now that you are no longer in this "state", who or what do you consider
yourself to be?
I ask because the only thing which causes us to consider ourselves
'separate' is confusion as to our true identity.
The purpose of Advaitic teaching is to clarify our perception of what we
are through direct experience, not the adoption of scriptural doctrine.


Cameron Reilly

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