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Although I am originally Maharashtriyan, I was brought up almost entirely in
Gujarat. Professionally I am a software engineer and since Nov. 96 I have been
in the USA working as a Database Administrator. I graduated as B.E.(Mech) from
M.S.Uni.of Baroda in 1984, worked in some companies for 2-3 years and had been
running a software development and consulting business in Baroda since then. I
have keen interest in philosophy, religion, culture, psychology, sociology,
politics and commerce. Although I have not known much about advaitam so far, I
have been reading and analysing Bhagwata-Geeta, Ramayana, Mahabharata and any
other ancient writings and traditions that I come across. I believe that we have
in India an endless treasure of knowledge and wisdom which is not known to or
understood by the world which is struggling with basic problems and as we are
fortunate souls to be born in India we must build upon our resources and find a
way for the world. I wish to join this forum out of curiosity and hope to
enhance and crystalize my existing understanding of life and universe and
hopefully graduate towards Moksha.

Uday Thatte.

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