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My name is Paul Sajdek, I am Polish and I live in Poland. I teach
Sanskrit at the Catholic University of Lublin and presently I am
completing my doctor’s thesis on MaNDanamishra’s Brahmasiddhi. My
"master" in advaita is prof.Gerhard Oberhammer of the University of
Vienna. I work on sanskrit texts so my approach to advaita is that of a
scholar more than of a follower (as for my confession I am a christian).
Though I cannot call myself an advaita-follower I maintain a respectful
attitude towards every path to God, no matter what you call Him (Truth,
Being, the One...) I am hoping to learn a lot from you and I am ready to
share with you my humble knowledge. Best wishes,
Paul Sajdek,
tel. (4815)8421003
e-mail: sajdek at

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