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Tue Dec 30 19:35:47 CST 1997

                                    Brahmaiva Satyam
Sada, Thank you for your thought provoking response.  Happy Newyear to You and
all members on the list and Peace to the world.

I still do not understand why you call it ananda.  You say Anantameva Ananda.
Ananda is not a feeling that is ones intrisic nature.  Ananda is limitless and
sorrow comes from limitation.  Happiness and Sorrow those are the two words
humans are familiar with.  To explain Brahman we use the word ananda.
(Satchidananda).  If you know Brahman there is no need to explain with such
words as ananda etc.  There is no nagy to explain to.   Brahman is one with no
second.   It is not, I believe, ananda or anything, we just dont know.

Recent posting on Vedas and responses to it made me think about.  The Acharyas
expound how one recite vedas makes the difference.  In other words the sound
produced has an effect on us.  For instance if you hear a song (sound) you
like it very much and the other in a different language you dont.  One Swamiji
I know to get a laugh from audience makes fun of chinese or some other
language.  We rejoice in the sound of own language or one we are familiar
with.  Point is "sound" makes a difference.  We use "Ananda" for Brahman as we
like the sound and we know the meaning.

One man went to a swamiji and asked whether words in mantras have any effect.
The swamiji called him a fool.  The man got upset and told the swamiji, I came
to learn about the words in mantras and you insulted me.  The swamiji said to
him, I insulted you to teach a lesson.  See the word  Fool has such an effect
on you think of the word in mantras when properly recited.  Ananda to me means
Brahman I dont know it definitely is not ananda and dhukkam

Brahman is satyam, Jnaanam anantam.


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