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>Nagy out on holidays - just dropped by to pick up my mail.  Happy newyear.
>Infiniteness is ananda - Anantameva anandaH - it is not a quatlity. It is
>ones intrinsic nature.  sat is chit and chit is ananda.  They are not
>gunaas or qualities.  Gunaas are intellectual measurements.
>Brahaman means infiniteness. Infiniteness is ananda.  Any finiteness is a
>limitation, and causes duhkam. I am this much or I have this muc.   I donot
>like the limitations and I tried to make all my attempts to solve that
>problem by gaining this and this and this.  Infiniteness cannot be gained.
>Finite + finite  + finite is still finite.  I am that infiniteness has to
>be understood.  It is not gaining somthing or getting rid of something, but
>being what I am.  That is why Moksha is praptasya pramptam, gainig what has
>already been gained.  Just like finding the 10th man that the student is
>searching.  What we are searching far we are searching with.
>Brahman is nirguna in the sense he is not an object with qualities since
>qualitites belong to only objects that are measurable by the intellect.
>Why not sorrow.  Sorrow comes from limitation.  Since Brahman is
>infinteness there cannot be any limitations.   Second, we compline when we
>are sorrowful.  Nobody complaines when they are happy..  I do not complaine
>that I have nose on my face since having a nose on my face is my  natural
>state.  But I complain if I have a boil on my nose since that is not
>natural.  I want to get rid of it.  Similarly sorrow.  People want to get
>rid of it.  Longing for happyness is the natural desire.  Understanding
>that I am that happyness that I am serching for is the true knowledge.
>Then there is no more seeking - even seeking for Brahman! Because that
>understanding is the same as the understanding that I am that Brahman that
>I am seeking.
>Hari Om!
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Very nicely put. Thanks!

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