Activity of the human mind

Steve Cotten stevec at HILO.ORG
Mon Dec 15 21:56:10 CST 1997

I for one would certainly not deny it. I am "that I am". All else is unreal
IF it is called anything but that. My experience is this: I am
everything...mind, body, rocks, etc., etc. It's like the bracelet being
called a bracelet when it is merely gold in the shape of a bracelet. Mind is
merely God in the shape of Mind.

Narcissistic gratification here I come!

Thanks for reminding me.
Steve Cotten
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Subject: Re: Activity of the human mind

>In a message dated 97-12-11 12:23:20 EST, you write:
> I would like to pose a friendly question to the list-members. Would
> anyone deny the following statement ?
> "Whatever activity the human mind indulges in, it is unreal. Whether it is
> in a dream-state (taijasa) creating its own world, or whether it is in a
> wake-up state (vaisvanara) where it tries to discriminate between
> unreality and reality, or enjoys the sensual pleasures or suffers the
> worldly miseries, all its activities are unreal. Even its activity of
> satsangh or attempts to absorb the scriptural writings are unreal."
> Regards
> Gummuluru Murthy
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>Certainly I cannot question the veracity of the above statement. However
>"whatever activity the human mind indulges in" is  merely not eternal, is
>conceptual and therefore averts the unutterable  presence from knowing
>Distinctions such as "real", "unreal", "truth', "not truth" might be
>but I question whether they are the most usable  formulation or pedogogical
>premise for human possibility.  Regards, Daniel

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