Activity of the human mind

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 I would like to pose a friendly question to the list-members. Would
 anyone deny the following statement ?

 "Whatever activity the human mind indulges in, it is unreal. Whether it is
 in a dream-state (taijasa) creating its own world, or whether it is in a
 wake-up state (vaisvanara) where it tries to discriminate between
 unreality and reality, or enjoys the sensual pleasures or suffers the
 worldly miseries, all its activities are unreal. Even its activity of
 satsangh or attempts to absorb the scriptural writings are unreal."

 Gummuluru Murthy
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Certainly I cannot question the veracity of the above statement. However
"whatever activity the human mind indulges in" is  merely not eternal, is
conceptual and therefore averts the unutterable  presence from knowing itself.
Distinctions such as "real", "unreal", "truth', "not truth" might be arguable,
but I question whether they are the most usable  formulation or pedogogical
premise for human possibility.  Regards, Daniel

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