Activity of the human mind

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Fri Dec 12 12:00:36 CST 1997

Gummuluru Murthy wrrote:
> I would like to pose a friendly question to the list-members. Would
> anyone deny the following statement ?
> "Whatever activity the human mind indulges in, it is unreal. Whether it is
> in a dream-state (taijasa) creating its own world, or whether it is in a
> wake-up state (vaisvanara) where it tries to discriminate between
> unreality and reality, or enjoys the sensual pleasures or suffers the
> worldly miseries, all its activities are unreal. Even its activity of
> satsangh or attempts to absorb the scriptural writings are unreal."

The mind, being the work of maya, is mithya only if considered as distinct
from brahman.  Otherwise it is the saguna aspect, and thus quite real.

Remember that if we regard the sohamidam (isvara, jiva, jagat) as illusion,
we're propounding dvaita.  The illusion is only borne if/when we regard
[it] as being real *as such*--unto itself and isolated from its Substratum.



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