Activity of the human mind

Chandran, Nanda (NBC) Nanda.Chandran at NBC.COM
Thu Dec 11 12:54:43 CST 1997

I think G Murthy has pointed us in the correct direction.

I've been hearing this "all this world is unreal", "dream like" etc etc a
bit too often for my liking. It may be true that Brahman is all there is.
But just knowing that and making statements about Maya is ridiculous. Can we
stop eating, breathing etc as the world is unreal? I'm not at all sure that
Shankara meant Maya in that sense.

Accepted that the world is to a great extent, to the perceiver, a creation
of his own mind. But that doesn't make a tree and a building false. But life
or the world as we know it is quite insignificant or trivial when compared
to the sole reality - Brahman. In that sense it's unreal - For Brahman is
the true goal of life.

And statements about Maya would carry meaning only when uttered by a
realized person.

Can somebody explain this better?

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