Why the same dream?

egodust egodust at DIGITAL.NET
Mon Dec 8 15:13:43 CST 1997

Steve Cotten wrote:
> "Being" is the method and the
> goal. My main "tool" is calming the mind until I am able to spend "time out
> of mind" which is my favorite place to "be".

Concur.  Everyone's *really* there whether they know it or not.

How to stop thinking is the crux and end strategy.
All else is preparatory to this.
The way is to bring the sublime dead prajna-sleep
into the awakened consciousness...
        (acknowledge the awakened state is
         really anyway the project of prajna)
simply by realizing the *ordinary* feeling of Being,
which is merely the Self.


"There are no answers
there are no questions."


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