Why the same dream?

Steve Cotten stevec at HILO.ORG
Mon Dec 8 13:14:54 CST 1997

>On the subject of the mind, it's faculty of reason and understanding is the
>only tool we posses. Control of it, yes, but a shutdown of it is, in my
>opinion, the wrong road to choose.

Reasoning what? And "standing under" what? "Being" is the method and the
goal. My main "tool" is calming the mind until I am able to spend "time out
of mind" which is my favorite place to "be".

It was mentioned earlier the difference between Advaita and Buddhism were
that one led to enlightenment and the other happiness. In my experience they
are one in the same. I am Happiness. It is "imaginary thoughts" that "seem"
to block that from my awareness.

I love this group.

Aloha from Hawaii,

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