Why the same dream?

Greg Goode goode at DPW.COM
Mon Dec 8 09:34:27 CST 1997

At 08:36 PM 12/6/97 +0100, Miguel Angel Carrasco wrote:

>Perhaps what I lack is a bit more learning. I feel at a loss when you
>resort to sanskrit labels.

OK, sorry about the heavy Sanskrit.  I'll avoid it in this message.

>^ÓI never said I believed there ever was a creation. If by creation we mean
>the production of something new, of a new being, then that is for me a
>metaphysical impossibility. Not just a factual non-event, I go beyond that
>: God just cannot create anything. Because there simply cannot be God plus
>something else.

Well, THIS is not why the non-creation theory exists.  The Hindu creation
theories are theories of emanation, where the effects emanate from the
cause like an oak comes from an acorn.  Their purpose is not to teach you
metaphysics, but to see that everything just IS God.  So that some
Vedantins will say that there is creation, but there is nothing other than
God.  Because everything is God.  No problem.  Everything being God, and
yourself knowing this, you can either subscribe to a creation theory or
not.  Doesn't matter.

>You also say, dear Greg, that what experiences the world is not the Self
>but the Total Self. Sorry, that is Chinese for me. I did not know I had a
>rival.  Am I the Self or the Total Self? Which of us two is Brahman? I warn
>you I will fight for my rights!   :-)

You are asking what it is that experiences.  The apparent individual entity
apparently experiences the apparent world.  But in REALITY, there are no
separate experiences or experiencer.  All is an appearance in
consciousness, the experience, the experiencer, everything.  To ask "to
whom is this an experience" is to try to paste the notion of a limited
individual (an experiencer) onto Consciousness, the Absolute.

>For me, there is only the One, the Absolute, MySelf. I am the only Subject
>(when there is something in my Consciousness to be the Subject of, in which
>case I am not only Pure Contentless Awareness but also the Witness of My
>Manifestation onto Myself).

If you REALLY believe this, or if this is your EXPERIENCE, then how can
there be any questions??  What's the problem, and for whom IS it a problem??


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