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On Mon, 1 Dec 1997, Chandran, Nanda (NBC) wrote:

> I was taught this Sanskrit verse as a child, as a prayer to Lord Shiva.
> Recently, while watching the movie on Sankaracharya by BV Iyer, to my
> pleasant surprise, this verse was recited in the movie and it was
> mentioned that it was from one of the Vedas. Can somebody identify this
> verse and tell me to which Veda it belongs to and it's meaning,
> significance etc :
> Vaa karthaa iva samprakthav vaa kartha pradhibhagthayae
> jagadhaga pitharav vandhae paarvathi parameshvarav
> (Hope I got it right!)

It's actually the first shloka of the Raghuvamsha of Kalidasa.

The Kavi is praying to Shiva Bhagawan and Parvati Mata the parents of the
world who are inseperable as a word and its meaning (Which according to
the commentator Mallinath is a doctrine of the Mimamsakas)  that he will
not make any mistakes in words or meanings in his poem.

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