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Raghavendra Hebbalalu hsraghav at IMAP3.ASU.EDU
Mon Dec 1 12:40:36 CST 1997

The verse is from Kalidasa's Raghuvamsha Mahakavya(I think so).But it is
surely from Kalidasa and not from the Vedas. It is
   Vaagarthaaviva sampruktau vaagartha pratipattaye|
   jagatah pitarau vande paarvateeparameshwarau ||

This is a very beautiful shloka. This means that Goddess Parvati and Lord
Shiva are inseparable like the word and its meaning. Kalidasa propitiates
the Parents of the entire Universe. There is another meaning to this.
paarvateeparameshwarau can also be split as parvateepa and rameshwarau
meaning Lords Shiva and Vishnu respectively. If other list members can
add on, kindly do so.
Thank you,

On Mon, 1 Dec 1997, Chandran, Nanda (NBC) wrote:

> I was taught this Sanskrit verse as a child, as a prayer to Lord Shiva.
> Recently, while watching the movie on Sankaracharya by BV Iyer, to my
> pleasant surprise, this verse was recited in the movie and it was
> mentioned that it was from one of the Vedas. Can somebody identify this
> verse and tell me to which Veda it belongs to and it's meaning,
> significance etc :
> Vaa karthaa iva samprakthav vaa kartha pradhibhagthayae
> jagadhaga pitharav vandhae paarvathi parameshvarav
> (Hope I got it right!)
> Thanks in advance.
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