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Mon Sep 30 06:40:42 CDT 1996

On Mon, 30 Sep 1996, egodust wrote:

> Rewind the question to its source: "Who is having the doubt?"
> Firstly, 'who' is the product of the trumped-up 'I' (the 'I'-thought,
> which is the Maker of Mind).
> Secondly, 'doubt' is the product of this same Mind.
> Therefore, this *rumored* ego-Mind is the thief of one's equilibrium.
> How to treat this "problem"...?
> ***********
> 'Doubts' are dreadful gadgets of maya fabricated by MindWorks, Ltd.
> It's best to sneak into the factory late at night when nobody's around,
> plant a 10lb chunk of dynamite insight under the giant file cabinets of
> historic judgements, light a 10 minute fuse of contemplation and,
> without regrets of any conceivable allurement, walk away without
> ever looking back...knowing full well the ensuing explosion [ever was,
> is, and will be] That Silence Unchained in the tenhundred directions
> within the Unknowable Itself...
> namaste.

Why ten minute fuse of contemplation ? My preference is not to give even
one minute for the explosion to take place so that Silence and Quietness
is unchained and liberated. Ten minutes is too long a time for the mind
to work its by now well-known web of illusion.

The biggest source of all problems we encounter is the Mind, the
uncontrolled and which roams as it wishes without any leash.

Mindworks Ltd (with its Managing Director, the maaya) is a factory which
creates all sorts of unnecessary and banned (to an advaitin) substances.
I will even add, it creates only unrequired gadgets and puts hindrance
at every step of the way.

The sooner we get rid of this factory, the closer we are to remove the
veil of ignorance.

Gummuluru Murthy

Sarvaa agamaana maachaaarah prathamam parikalpathe !
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For all (incoming) knowledge, discipline is the most fundamental

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