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Natha Bhaktyananda wrote:
> Ken wrote:
> It's interesting that you juxtapose these two threads, because
> Nisargadatta always had a couple of hours of bhajan chanting daily in
> his ashram.....
> ----------------------
> And it is also worth reminding that his biographers show that he has
> been / is a Natha-yogin; or it is well known that these guys (the
> Nathas) excelled in hatha-yoga, tantric practices, vegetal alchemy, and
> a lot of other lore.

When asked why he still performed bhajan daily, Maharaj apparently
replied: "Why not?"

It was a spontaneous functioning which gave him pleasure and was partly
tradition and habit. Maharaj saw no difference between performing
bhajan, smoking a cigarette and going for a walk. But he denied that he
performed bhajan in order to "achieve" anything.

He often told the story about his realization: My guru told me I was not
the body and I believed him. I investigated the matter for myself and
found he was correct.

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