[Advaita-l] How can prANa be Brahman?

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Dear Friends,
Sri Chandramouli writes : "In short the goal of every advaita sAdhaka should be to be a    jivanmukta."
   The fact is that every one including an advaita sadhaka is already a jivanmukta but most of them, say 99.999% , are not aware of this TRUTH. So what has to be done is to become aware of this FACT. The methodology to become aware of this fact has been given in the mantras 2-1-3 & 2-1-4 of Kathopanishad and Mantra 2-4 of Kena Upanishad . In the commentaries to those mantras, Sri Shankara, in the most simple and direct way has explained and shown the path in very clear terms . If only a sincere mumukshu, with an open mind, can study at the feet of a Guru who has cognized the truth within himself by himself and see the Truth, not through the screen of the scholarship and knowledge which he has accumulated, but with a clean slate as taught by the Sruti and Acharya he can surely and certainly reach the goal which is no goal at all. Sri Shankara says : Atman is nityavartamAnasvarUpaH.                             nityatvAt mokShaHsya  , sAdhakasvarUpAvyatirEkAcca ||                             AtmA hi nAma svarUpam ||
With sAShTAMganamaskArams,Sreenivasa Murthy

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Sri Ravi Kiran Ji,

The highest goal in advaita sidhanta and the goal to be sought after by
every sAdhaka is to be in the state of jivanmukti.

Yagnavalkya, the best of jnanis, desires to take to sanyAsa at the end of
the debate in Janakasabha only for this purpose.

In Taittariya Upanishad Brahmananda valli we have the ananda mimamsa which
mentions श्रोत्रियस्य चाकामहतस्य । (shrotriyasya chAkAmahatasya |).
श्रोत्रिय (shrotriya ) refers to a jnani and अकामहतः (akAmahataH) refers to
one practicing VK and MN. At the highest level, the state corresponds to a
jivanmukta. That is the state to be aimed for.

Sri Bhagavatpada in his यतिपञ्चकम् (yatipa~nchakam) states
कौपीनवन्तःखलुभाग्यवन्तः (kaupInavantaHkhalubhAgyavantaH) (The one with just
a loin cloth is indeed a blessed one)  (we may perhaps add “under a banyan
tree”)  while referring to a jivanmukta.

Swami Sadashiva Brahmendra Saraswati has composed a very beautiful work
आत्मविद्याविलास (AtmavidyAvilAsa) consisting of just about 63 verses almost
exclusively devoted to describe the state of a jivanmukta and extolling
that state. It is really well worth reading. Just beautiful.

In short the goal of every advaita sAdhaka should be to be a jivanmukta.

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