[Advaita-l] Result of karma where result is not mentioned

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Namaste Swamiji,

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> ​No difference. You just went for sUtra-s, while I mentioned adhikaraNa-s.

Okay,  thanks.

> I'll try to write something.
> But, it will be better if you could present your present understanding of
> three adhikaraNa-s and the problems you are facing.
> Then I will be able to help you understand the parts which are tricky or
> unfamiliar.​

Here is what I understand:

   - All karmas given as vidhis in the Shruti have a result, because Vedas
   do not prescribe actions without result. (Interestingly, while going
   through the sutras that lead to adhikaraNa 4.3.5, I found that the
   exception to this is when the reward is in relation to the materials; then
   it is arthavAda).
   - If the result is not directly given or mentioned in the proximity,
   they are to be inferred by connection with remotely mentioned result.
   - There are karmas which may be subsidiary to a main karma which have
   the same result as the main result, being part of it.
   - If the result is not found to be connected elsewhere, it is svargaH,
   by ekavAkyatA, since it (happiness) is desired by all.
   - Although this is discussed in the context of kAmyakarma, the same
   applies to nityanaimittika karma also.

The difficulty right now is the last point, (assuming the others are
correct) that whether the inference is correct in relation to nityakarma
too. The next question is what is the Vedanta view w.r.t. this.

Would it also be possible to cover the flip side of this, which is akaraNe
pratyavAya shrUyate as says Bhashyakara; is it traceable to Shruti vAkya/
--Praveen R. Bhat
/* Through what should one know That owing to which all this is known!
[Br.Up. 4.5.15] */

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