[Advaita-l] A Poem to Tripurasundari Devi

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The Inebriating Divine
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 Written by Anand

The inebriating Divine Smile that stills the mind of the saintly fortunate
The smile that grants beatitude even while living in mundane world
That inundates the heart with unalloyed bliss

That bestows bounty and saintliness on its votaries
That which accomplishes the purpose of life and grants supreme divine
That which invigorates life with energy divine
That which attracts and intoxicates the eyes of Shiva, who burnt lust to
That which assures protection to the gods and the virtuous
That which grants succour to devotees from the vortex of desires
That which pours out parental affection to Guha, Ganesha and all beings of
the three worlds
That for which the saintly are thirsty
That divine rapturous smile of Tripurasundari, Lalita
I adore constantly, for it intoxicates me with Her supreme
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