[Advaita-l] nAstika mata (bauddha mata) khaNDana in rAmAyaNa

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> Namaste,
> In Ayodhya Kanda, there is a wonderful episode of Jabali Muni meeting Lord
> Rama.  Jabali Muni tries to dissuade Lord Rama from the path of sanAtana
> dharma and vaidika karma kANDa.    Jabali Muni tries to pull Lord Rama from
> the path of satya & dharma and exhort Him to follow nAstika mata.  Probably,
> Sage Valmiki had foreseen the future events of advent of Buddha (aka
> tathAgata ?????) and through Lord Rama teaches a lesson to the future
> generations of Kali Yuga.
> This episode happens to be the 109th Sarga of Ayodhya Kanda.
> See how, Lord Rama chides Jabali Muni of his nAstika mata pralObha and
> accuses this mata as:
> nindaamyahaM karma pituH kR^itaM ta |
> dyastvaamagR^ihNaadviSamasthabuddhim |
> buddhyaanayaivaMvidhayaa charantaM |
> sunaastikaM dharmapathaadapetam
> // I accuse the act done by my father in taking you into his service, you
> with your
> misleading intelligence, a firm atheist fallen from the true path//
> yathaa hi choraH sa tathaa hi buddha |
> stathaagataM naastikamatra vidhhi |
> tasmaaddhi yaH shaN^kyatamaH prajaanaam |
> na naasti kenaabhimukho budhaH syaat
> // It is an exact state of the case that a mere *intellection deserves to
> be punished as it were a thief and know an atheist to be on par with a mere
> intellectual. Therefore he should be punished in the interest of the people.
> In no case should a wise man consort with an atheist //
> In the above verses, Sage Valmiki uses 2 words viz., “buddha” &
> tathAgata”,
> and refer to the path of nAstika as “fallen from true path”
> (apEtaM dharma patAt) & such a person is compared with
> thief “yathaa hi choraH sa tathaa hi buddha” who
> deserves to be punished.
> shrIrAma sharaNaM mama......
> rAmO vigrahavAn dharmaH.....
> Regs,
> Sriram
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