[Advaita-l] Musings on the Fundamentals of Hinduism - 8

kman krismanian at gmail.com
Thu Sep 17 00:59:39 CDT 2009

>After reading your observations I have come to the conclusion that you are
>no Hindu as you have your own misinterpretation of Dharma and you have
>portrayed Ramayana in abysmally anti-Hindu light.  The concluding

See how quickly you came to a conclusion that I am not a Hindu! Any sane
reading Ramayana will have these genuine questions and doubts when some one
heaps all praise on one and give inconsistent explanations for dharma.

>observation of you "Again it shows the relative nature of dhrma. If Ravana
>had won you all would play the tune differently:-)" confirms my view of

Sorry what I meant was "all the right wingers" who have slanted opinions.

>And besides Gazni Mohammed who ransacked Hindu temples and plundered the
>country is a good guy for you!

Where did I say that? It is a discussion. and my point was every action is
relative and have
two sides, so dharma is not determined by one side alone was my point.
How many Hindus got killed in Mahabarath, right infront of Lord Krishna?
How many shatrias were killed by Parasurama? These does not bother you
because Hindus fighting hindus is ok. Your attachment is making you angry
my statements. Maya is shrouding what is real. Think through you will see
the truth.

>This group is for those who have fundamental agreement on the dhaarmic
>messages of Veda, Purana and Ithihasa and I am sure it is not intended to
>used to repudiate them.
I have strong interest in Advaita and believe in dharma, what I do not
tolerate is bigots hijacking the great Advaita for their own selfish motives
and define dharma as they please.


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