[Advaita-l] Svarita in RV and YV (was Re: SRI SUKTAM - Meaning)

Bhadraiah Mallampalli vaidix at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 7 09:47:22 CST 2009

> If some of you felt disturbed from westeners questions while practice, why
> do you feel the need to answer me? I didn?t want to disturb anybody.
> I be aware of the problems the English languages brings in the discussion in
> every Sanskrit text. If you want to ban this problems you should avoid
> English and do all discussions only in Sanskrit.


When I mentioned the word 'west' I meant the 'organized west', not every human being

who lives inthe west. There are (and have been) scholars of the west many of whom had 

indeed learnt face to face from Pandits in India, but at the end they go back and make

their own conclusions which are contrary to the source of the subjects they learnt. 

These scholars of organized west can be seen in Indology lists and RISA lists. 


As for English language, you got me there. We have no choice otherwise because

most of us don't know sanskrit and we converse different languages. Using English

and its grammar is ok as long as we understand the limitations and contradictions 

it brings in, but most organized western scholars consider their subjects and terminology of

English grammar as ultimate and call our orientation towards self knowledge as 

"a fanatic fascination towards one's own specific culture". My statement does point 

to serious problems we had faced practically in the past, they do refer to us as OIT 

minded Easterners, and even your recommendations would not change the opinion 

of those in the organized west. They finally changed qualifications to post in their

lists and blocked our memberships.  


>MY question was from the very beginning only academic. I have neither the
>wish to chant vedic texts nor do I want to change my status.


When you look at Picasso's art your mind becomes one with Picasso. That is advaita. 

You can not appreciate his art without becoming one with him. If you only see 

European pride in Picasso you fail to see his art. It is the same story here. 

If you truly understand the vedic accents like svarita and their connections to carnatic

you will become a brahmajnani (and you would have changed status to brahmana case

somewhere on your way up). If choose not to do this you would not understand the

real meaning of the texts you are reading or the music you are learning. I do agree your

efforts would help in cultural exchange and cross cultural learning, but that is not our

intention here on this board.







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