[Advaita-l] Creation ex nihilo (was Re: Advaita vEdAnta - Unit(27))

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Mon May 7 07:27:54 CDT 2007

savithri_devaraj at yahoo.com wrote:

>BTW, the jury is still out on what orthodox means on this list. I thought 
>the moderators didn't >want to discuss >orthodox/sampradaya etc., but since 
>it is brought up here w.r.t. the same topic >again, here it goes

By orthodox I meant the six schools of philosophy (ShaD-darshanas) - nyAya, 
vaisheShika, mImAMsA, vedAnta, sAnkhya, and yoga. I should have realized 
that using the word "orthodox" in the context of mUlAvidyA discussion is 
risky and would invite trouble!

>BTW, there is no existent effect, only apparent effect, and hence only 
>apparent cause - adhyasa. >No one believes that the apparent silver in 
>nacre has to be removed first by the true knowledge >of nacre. It is only 
>one’s own false notions of it that has to be removed(Su. Bh). How else 
>could >one reconcile "tat tvam asi" here and now?

Even the followers of the vivaraNa school say that the mUlAvidyA is only 
mithyA. Remember PadmapAda clearly says that adhyAsa is mithyAjnAna-nimitta, 
ie. adhyAsa is caused by ignorance which is both unreal, mithyA (actually 
anirvachanIya) and ajnAna, the insentient avidyA shakti. So there is no such 
a thing like an existent mUlAvidyA that "rests in Brahman" which is what I 
have heard repeated on this list even after clarification. Besides, 
PadmapAda and his followers have the support of the shruti, (see the last 
article on the vivaraNa).


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