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Namaste Ken,

If it is useful for you, or anybody, I made a transaltion of the Upadesha
into spanish. It took me many years, many other years it was unpublished and
this year I made a little particular edition. I take in account the two
translations yuou mention, plus the one of Sengaku Makeda, and other
specific bibliographies.

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> Namaste Ravi,
> Would some questions arising from Upadesha Sahasri
> been appropriate?
> I have only ever read this text on my own and I prefer
> it to some of the bhAshyam for it gives Shankara's
> teaching quite directly as opposed to  counter
> arguments to some other darShana.  However it does not
> seem to be so popular with others and there is
> probably a reason for this that I have not understood.
> I have two translations: that of Swami Jagadananda
> printed in 1973 as a fifth edition and a more recent
> one by Dr Alston who researched his PhD at BHU.
> I will put some work into this if you like.
> I appreciate your comments on the diversification of
> themes in a discussion. I have never got the hang of
> group the time I have considered a
> first point everyone has disappeared down a dozen
> different side-roads and I am left behind.
> let me know if you would like some of the text posted
> to see if it sparks some controlled discussion.
> Ken Knight
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