Summary (of "Question", "braHmavid=Krishna?" series of mails)

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Wed Aug 21 16:19:38 CDT 2002

As Sri Ravishankar pointed out, the message is as valid as the example is:

> What this knowledge is, is a shift in scale.  The evidence of
> your eyes
> firmly tells you that the sun rises in the east of the
> earthand sets in
> the west.  But later when you learn about astronomy you know
> that it is in
> fact the earth rotating which is creating this illusion.  But
> during that
> time has the earth changed any or is it your perceptions that have
> changed?  Another example.  In the imperial system of

1.  This fails if one uses the example of waking up after dream.  Dream
stops, it does not continue.

2.  arthaadhyaasa cannot exist without jnaanaadhyaasa.  When there is jnaana
how can there be adhyaasa?

> story about Shankaracharya that once when he was travelling with his
> students, they were attacked by a rampaging elephant and ran
> away.  Later
> the students asked why he ran away if the elephant was maya?
> The Acharya
> replied, "My running away was also maya!"

I asked one fellow student of Vedanta what would Sri Gaudapaada say if I
asked : "How did you write Mandukya Kaarika - for whom?".  My friend said:
"He would reply that he never wrote." -:)


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