The VivekachUdAmani is a philosophical treatise expounding the cardinal truths of Advaita vedanta, according to which, liberation or moksha can be secured only through jnana, which in the first instance, begins with the discrimination between the eternal and the transient, nityAnitya vastu viveka. Literally the Crest jewel of Discrimination, this text is of paramount importance to all advaita vedantins and is to be revered as the Bhagavad Gita itself. Sri Adi SankarAcharya in his compassion has clearly taken the sisya (in my opinion, every reader) step by step, slowly and surely, to that ultimate destination. Sri Jagadguru Chandrasekara Bharati, himself a jivanmukta, former pontiff of Sringeri, realised that even this excellent work could do with some explanation, and has written an excellent commentary on it. This list being one dedicated to the pursuit of advaita vedanta as taught by Shankara, it is important that the VivekachUdAmani is discussed and read. I am quite sure that several of the list members (probably all!) have read it, and probaly re read it. However, I felt that it is worth while to read it again, and hence I will try and post atleast one verse of the VivekachUdAmani with His Holiness's commentary every day. Given the fact that I have not the slightest education in Sanskrit, I will rely entirely on the text I have with me. Undoubtedly, errors are prone to creep in. Do point it out and correct the same. It will also greatly help if list members can post some of their observations / other textual references as well. I sincerely hope and pray that Sri Shankara Himself will guide us through the path.

bhava Samkara desika-me saranam.

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